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The Platform For Interactive Radio Advertising


AGUA's FinTech software enables voice activated purchasing directly through advertisements in the automobile infotainment system. Our patented and proprietary software enables drivers to make hands-free purchases and get information from radio through a voice point-of-sale platform. Our business model is centered on sharing profits earned from advertising premiums/subscriptions, Ad sales, Affiliate marketing, as well as marketing services through our full service advertising agency partnership.

This powerful new way to vocally purchase products, goods and services through radio advertisements (and eventually all advertising) means that by creating 30-60 second long interactive capsules, made discoverable in smart cars via Agua’s Advertising platform will give every business owner the same access an opportunities to instantly get their products in front of millions of consumers.

Radio is ready for a transformation. The agent of change is Agua Technology.



The WAHWAH Token


Agua Technology is a suite of tools and “WAHWAH” utility token (Ticker “WAH”) created to transform the value of radio. We empower the listener with hands-free interactivity providing a robust voice-activated point-of-sale mechanism. This allows content creators and advertisers to reach their audience with immediately actionable offers and provide granular analytics in real time. This increases the agility of business to respond to user behavior, generates immediate sales, and creates true value for the user consumer. 

The token was developed two fold, one to continue the development work of the software started with KIWI and eventually to be a redeemable as ad space on its' platform. AGUA received a business valuation of 18 million from a private venture capital committee with out the coin as component of that value.  

Agua is currently located right outside Silicon Valley California to better access the incredible talents of the region famous for innovative technology.  The token is not Agua's only source of funding, the platform coding and development has started with private investment.  AGUA is currently working on funding through SBA, SBDC's and Venture Capital to continue on it's way to success. Coding and development started in 2020 with demonstrated functions and interface tested and continues with programming today.


of the population, U.S. Radio Listening Audience


Radio Generate 17 Billion Dollars in Sales Annually


Potential Customers in the United States Alone.



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Will Cunningham

President & CEO

Will brings 20 years of Public and Private Radio experience as well as Commercial Music Industry experience to this dynamic technology.  His extensive market study and work with advertising and marketing mediums is what inspired this project. Will had the vision to see this giant gap in technology and access and is why he created the AGUA  platform for artists and advertisers digital, by upgrading antiquated Radio spots into an interactive experience.

Image of Leila Steinberg in the Team section.

Leila Steinberg

Key Advisor and Director

Leila Steinburg, Music Manager and Founder of, a non profit organization serving at- risk youth. Tupac's manager and mentor.  Leila brings her incredible energy, dedication and knowledge of the music industry.She plays a big role as AGUA's Key Advisor in the industry for artists and industry professionals.

Image of Tyler Smith in the Team Section

Tyler Smith

Key Advisor

Tyler is a global dealmaker, relationship manager and serial entrepreneur. Pangea Force's global network is the heart of his organization. Tyler is responsible for maximizing global network utility; ensuring that entrepreneurs, Pangea Force Ambassadors, network family-offices, LPs and partnering corporations connect across borders with the right network nodes based on each of their needs. As Chief of Staff at Pangea Force, Tyler helps to oversee Pangea's world-wide operations. Tyler has been Day-One with Will Cunningham's Journey of AGUA and has contributed greatly as a mentor and Key Advisor.

Image of Asher Underwood in the Team Section

Asher Underwood

COO/ Marketing and Production

Asher is an All-Star at AGUA. His eclectic experience working at a high energy advertising agency specializing in national and regional success. As well as his commercial production experience for TV, radio, film production, and advertising has been essential in developing the tools to best suit AGUA's clients needs. Asher has been onboard since the beginning of AGUA, he remains a key team member of AGUA throughout the software development and coding. 

Image of Augustine Wong  in the Team Section

Augustine Wong

CTO / Key Advisor

 Augustine has spent his career focused on launching and managing creative and innovative new products and businesses across various industries with much of it in content, music technology, and analytics.  He brings his entrepreneurial spirit and energy to help build a platform that offers the ease of use and dynamic interface to it's clients.  

Augustine brought his engineering and analytics experience to the development of the platform since it's inception.


Nora Wren Milton

Executive VP/ Creative Director

Nora is the creative vision behind the users interface.  As a song writer, recording artist, health/beauty product entrepreneur herself, Nora brings her music producing and women owned small business  experiences to Agua and shares the companies vision of Artists and Advertiser alike having access the market through a user friendly platform.

Image of Domenick Nati in the Team Section

Domenick Nati

Public Relations

Known as "The King of Contacts", Domenick Nati has held successful careers in television/film production, public relations, and mainstream radio. His movie and TV credits include Talladega Nights, Boo! A Madea Halloween, Deal or No Deal, Hell's Kitchen, Making the Band, So You Think You Can Dance, and many more.

In 2006 he established Nati Celebrity Services, a full-service entertainment public relations agency, he has brought his talents and skills to AGUA.

Image of Fat Josh Combs in the Team Section

"Fat Josh" Combs

Product Development

Josh is a true artist and entrepreneur, with decades in the music industry, Fat Josh was key in developing the WAH WAH token and continues to be a key team member who truly understands the needs of artists to access this medium to introduce their music to a larger audience. 

Imaage pf Taylor Durant

Taylor Durant

Board Member/Key Advisor

Taylor has been executively  producing and advancing this company behind the scenes in ways no other team member has. Agua is so grateful to have Taylor on the board and as a key advisor. Her experience as a Business Owner, Part-time Life Coach, and Angel Investor grants vision to Agua and to the software's user experience. She is also certified in Crypto Real Estate. 

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